Make Money Doing Surveys: Doing Surveys that Really Make Money


You can make money doing surveys online fore free. When you first begin doing surveys to make money, never pay a fee and always stick with the free online websites, as featured below in my personal favorite list.  I can’t put it any simpler than that, because through my 4 years of prior experience with survey sites, I have yet to find a fee based website that’s been worth the trouble.

If you just want more information pertaining to pick the best sites for surveys, you can find the info on the right. If you want a quick list of the first 4 websites you should make money doing surveys with, that info can be found right below…

Site #1 – Fusion Cash

Free Money at FusionCash!

Believe it or not, there was a time when even I first begin looking into earning cash from survey sites. Within my first two weeks, I bumped into Fusion Cash.  Ironically enough, I haven’t found a better all around websites since then.  That’s not a knock against any of the places below, because you can still make money doing surveys with them, but they don’t quite stack up to Fusion.  There are 3 main reasons why I enjoy them the most, and so does my wallet…

#1.) They have the highest payments.

#2.) They have a continuously update list of survey offers.

#3.) They have a huge member forum, where 1000’s of people just like you share more ways to make money doing surveys.

It is those 3 traits alone that always drag me back to them. I still do 100’s of survey offers from the sites below and many other ones, but they are the very first place I go to, because they are user friendly and give me the most cash. Having fun also plays a huge part, and they try their best to update their database with questionnaires that are fun to take, unlike many websites that just throw up any random questionnaires.  Fusion Cash is just an all around great place to make money doing surveys.

#2.) Global Test Market

An oldie but a goodie.  That’s the best way to describe Global.  Nothing beats experience and authority when it comes to a survey site.  They have as much experience as you could possibly have, and if I remember correctly, they were one of the very first survey sites to offer cash to people to take questionnaires from big companies.  They don’t have as many survey offers as Fusion Cash, but they do have exclusive survey offers, which always pay more than the ones that aren’t exclusive to one website.

This is where their authority comes into play, because most big companies trust Global the most, so they give their surveys exclusively to them for a period of time, which is when the questionnaires pay the most.  You can either go into their website to take them, or just check your email daily, because they will send them there, too.  There is nothing fancy about them, which is actually a very good thing, because it means they are very user friendly, even for a novice.

#3.) My Points

Now we get to a different sort of survey site, but not in a bad way. They are different because of their point system. Don’t worry, though, because unlike many websites that give you points, you don’t have to use them to enter retarded raffles and sweepstakes.  You can do that if you want, but My Points always gives you the option to make money doing surveys.  They just use the point system to appeal to a wider audience.

Other than that one aspect, they are very, very similar to Fusion Cash in every other way, except payments. They do pay a little bit less, but they are an absolute great companion to them for getting more cash.  They are a bit flashier, too, so if you like looking at Web 2.0 websites, you will love their user interface.  Payments are monthly, or whenever you want to cash out.

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